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Scentsy Consultants come from many walks of life!!!

We are Family

We have moms who work full-time or part time, stay at home moms, teachers, nurses, career women, {and men}, retired {looking for something fun to do}, bank tellers, NFL wives, lawyers, Reality TV stars, collage students and more!!!

Take a look at what some of Our Scentsy consultants {who left their  full-time or part-time employment} did before Scentsy?

  • I was a Construction Bond Agent for 11 years. ~ Jenae
  • I was at stay at home mom, now I do both. ~ Chelsey
  • I was a stay at home mom. Previous to that I was an HR manager for a smallish business (100+ employees) and a risk manager for ikea ~ Amy
  • Registered Nurse! Still working full time as a nurse for now  ~ Chloe
  • From age 50 until retirement I never had a real job. Just a pay check but my final full time job before SS I was a Para-Transit bus driver. I enjoyed it very much until they wanted me to get a DSL commercial license with a P code for a bus with more than 15 capacity. Bye Bye ~ Nelson
  •  I was a respiratory therapist ~ Lindsey
  • Business Manager of a home health care company  ~ Janeen
  • COTA: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant ~ Holly
  • Stay at home mom and before that owned own marketing business in Key West! ~ Andie
  • I was a special education teacher ~ Kelly
  • House wife, husbands secretary and mom  ~ Misty
  • I served in the Army for 5 years, got out and got my Bachelor’s in Equine Business Management. I had Olivia my Senior year and decided I wanted to stay a home with her so Scentsy was an AMAZING option for me ~ April
  • Serviced life insurance policies in a call center ~ Kimberlee
  • I was Correctional Peace Officer for 23 years ~ Deavonne
  • Worked in Biomed Engineering dept. at local hospital and pre-school teacher ~ Kristin
  • Administrative assistant at a residential facility for delinquent youth. Thank God Scentsy got me 0ut of that 9-4 daily grind haha ~ Melissa
  • Freight train engineer ~ Heather
  • Admin assistant for a non profit ~ Annie
  • Marketing & Sales Specialist for an IT Services Co. Thank you Scentsy ~ Ashton
  •  I worked as an accountant before leaving to stay home with my growing family. As a stay at home mom, I would also babysit for friends and family to make extra cash until I became a full time Scentsy consultant! And now there’s no turning back 😉 ~ Angie
  • Banking. ~ Angie
  • Before Scentsy I was a stay at home mom, full time college student, owned 4 homes which I rented out and maintained. Now I do Scentsy full time as my “job”, still a stay at home momma and no longer in school, but still maintain 4 homes ~ Meghan
  •  I was a area training manager with Chilis, spent 10 years with them. When I started SCENTSY I did a home daycare to supplement my income until I reached close to what I was making at Chilis  ~ Day care free now for 2 years – yay  SCENTSY! ~ Kristen
  • Stay at home mom. Before that I was a full time CNA and student! ~ Maggie
  • I was a RDA and Office Manager! ~ Heather
  • I was a Nail Tech ~ Shawnee
  • Banking ~ Bob
  • Executive Director of a non-profit. ~ Lindsey
  • Server/bartender/restaurant manager ~ Kate
  • I owned my own photography studio ~ Jeni
  • I got pregnant in college and then was a stay at home mom. I finished but never went back to work. Before that I worked in a grocery store ~ Rachel
  • A recreational therapist ~ Amber
  • I was a part time rural carrier at USPS ~ April
  • I was an Insurance Agent and then a SAHM when my daughter was born. When I was diagnosed with cancer, 3 months after I had her, I decided I was staying home and would find something to do. I really liked Scentsy and it was a perfect fit. I refused to put my kids in daycare and even though we have had to give things up, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. As of March 2015, it will be 5 years that I have been with Scentsy. Best decision I have ever made! ~ Mindy
  •  I was a photographer with my own studio. RETIRED. That’s too much work. Back to photos as a hobby ~ Bobbi
  • Owner of a Landscaping Business which I hated, hard labor was traded for a lifestyle of Scentsy Fun! ~ Mary Beth
  • I was a stay at home Mom not using either of my college degrees. My husband is active duty and we move a lot; so having a career of my own proved difficult at times. Now Scentsy is my full time job and I LOVE it! Couldn’t imagine doing anything else and I feel I get to use my background in PR and Advertising with my job more now than in the “outside world”! ~ Erin
  • Accounts receivable and administrative at a Ford Dealership when I joined. Then did daycare in home while I was climbing to Director. Once I promoted to Director I closed the daycare. ~ Jessica
  • I owned a fashion home based business for 5 years which I grew from a $400 order to a full time stay at home business, took my husband off work too, I started Scentsy for the mini testers, lol – I wanted to be able to smell my own before ordering. haha
    w that’s all history, selling off my business, because I’m a director with Scentsy & it’s going so great, my passion is definitely 100% with this company now, it has my heart!
    I’ve met all you amazing women & wouldn’t change my “job” for anything in the world. (Too fun to be a job) oh and all the free travelling is just icing on this delicious cake! 🙂
      ~ Cass
  • Special education director public school ~ Terri
  •  I was a dental assistant with the Department of Defense ~ Shauna
  • I was unemployed, but before that worked in the real estate field ~ Dawn
  • I worked seven million odds and ends jobs. I did in home sitting, cleaned our church, cleaned houses, and wedding coordinated. I now am full time scentsy (4 years later) and plan on making my husband that way in 2 years  ~ Kelly
  •  I was a an insurance agent  ~ Lynn
  • Before entering a full time career with Direct Sales I worked in a car dealership as the delivery coordinator in the sales department. I had horribly long hours and found that the party business put me in a much happier place! ~ Dawn

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