Eskimo Kiss – Scentsy Fragrance

Eskimo Kiss

Our Eskimo Kiss – Scentsy Fragrance is ripe with the cool aroma of blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, and a sensual blend of vanilla and amber. This scent is just as sweet as the affectionate nose rubbing of Eskimo tradition.

Our Eskimo Kiss Fragrance is available in a Scent Bar, Scent Circle, Scent Pak, Room Spray or Travel Tin.

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What better winter vacation is there than a trip to Alaska’s icy plains? Taking a step off of the ship that navigated you through the chilly waters, you set your foot on the edge of snowy fields that open up to the northern beauty. All that you see lying before you is the glimmering sun cascading upon the many majestic icebergs, and the sky painted with such a glow. Once you capture such a flawless serene scene, you better understand why the Eskimos found such beauty in the nature of Alaska. Sights such as this can only inspire pure romanticism, and Scentsy has created a fragrance based on this very feeling.

Eskimo Kiss Fragrance 

Scentsy Fragrance Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo KissEskimo Kiss


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