Fundraisers made easy & profitable

Raising funds for your organization just became a whole lot easier and profitable.

Are you looking for a fun, easy, stress free and unique fundraising idea for your favorite team, charity, cause, event, youth group or community organization? Sure, you could put on another bake sale, carwash, or auction — however why not try something New, exciting and different? A Scentsy Scent Circle Fundraiser is a fun, easy, and profitable.

Have an  Scentsy Scent Circle Fundraiser and Earn Ca$h for your organization!!!

Our fundraisers work and with no hidden costs to you – I supply your group with everything you need!!!

Unique, Profitable Fundraiser

Our Scent Circles have many uses:

  • in your car
  • locker at school, work or gym
  • near a litter box
  • garbage can/pail
  • return air vent
  • closets
  • at the office
  • small bathrooms
  • anywhere they can hang freely

Do you have questions or want to know more about Fundraisers?!  No problem!  I’m just a call or text away at {920} 360.4062 or email me at!

I am always available to chat on Facebook!  I would love to chat with you, send me a friend request at and I’ll respond right away.

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