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Scentsy $99* JoinBuilding a team can be the most rewarding part of your Scentsy business. Try focusing on these two concepts:

1. SHARING SCENTSY! Sharing beautiful products that enhance your environment by enlivening your senses is what Scentsy is all about. By sharing Scentsy with others, you’re providing them the opportunity to run their own business and letting the Scentsy opportunity bless their lives, too.

2. TEAMWORK! Scentsy’s business model allows Consultants to grow a team. When you sponsor Consultants onto your Scentsy team and help them succeed, you can earn bonuses.

{Click here to view our compensation plan}.


 Recruiting New Consultants:

If you subscribe to a Personal Website {PWS}, you can sponsor new Consultants and build a team. As a Scentsy Consultant, you are eligible to sponsor new Scentsy Consultants, no matter what brand{s} you sell yourself. This allows your recruits to choose the brand they’re most passionate about and still join your team!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when recruiting:

• New Consultants must be the legal age of majority in the Consultant’s state of residence at the time of their enrollment.

• New Consultants must be legal residents of the country in which they wish to enroll.

• New Consultants must have a valid Taxpayer Identification number {i.e. Social Security number or Employer Identification Number}.

• New Consultants must accept the Independent Consultant Agreement {ICA} and purchase a Starter Kit.

• Your new recruit will need a debit or credit card to pay for their Starter Kit during the enrollment process.

What Recruiting tools does Scentsy have?

Marketing tools: When someone is thinking about joining your team, give them the Join brochure from your Starter Kit, from Our Scentsy Family Store or the Resources tab of your Workstation. The Join brochure helps people see why they should be a Scentsy Consultant. Let the prospective Consultant read it, and share YOUR experience.

Online enrollment: When someone is ready to join your team, ask them to go to your PWS, select the “Join Now” link and follow the enrollment steps. Your new recruit will need a debit or credit card to pay for their Starter Kit during the enrollment process.

Promotions and incentives: Our Scentsy home office wants you to recruit successfully and with ease. That’s why we regularly develop promotions and incentives to offer to potential Consultants. Check the News tab of your Workstation, your email and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest programs, promotional videos and shareable images to use on social media.

Interested in Joining our Scentsy Team?

You can Simply join today at JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!!!

I will be in touch with you right away to start your ROCKSTAR training!

Do you have questions or want to know more before joining?!  No problem!  I’m just a call or text away at 00+1+920-360-4062 {USA} or email me at!

I am always available to chat on Facebook!  I would love to chat with you, send me a friend request at and I’ll respond right away.

Thank You  for Your Love & Support. Our Home-Based Business is a Success because of YOU!!!

Barbara & Family XOXO

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