Join Scentsy® in August for a Deluxe Starter Kit!

February and August are two of my favorite months, as a Scentsy Consultant.

New catalogs are released every March and September, and so, February and August are our transition months. {as we call them}

Transition months are exciting because just about everything is on sale at 10% off as products are discontinuing {only available for 1 more month} and then they will be gone.

While that may sound sad, it means something more exciting is on the way!

Along with this, it’s a deluxe starter kit month, which is the perfect time to sign up!{This is the best time to join right before the biggest selling season of the year. Why wait?}


Even with all the Extras in our Deluxe Starter Kit in it is still Only $99*                           {$119 Canada* / $139 Australia**}

When you get a deluxe starter kit in August (and February) it will include the Spring/Summer catalogs and testers as well as the upcoming Fall/Winter ones! In other words, if you’ve been considering joining Scentsy, this is one of the two best times of year to do it! August is your month!

In addition you will receive***

  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochures.


Why wait? Join today!

Join Scentsy®

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* $99/$119 price does not include tax or shipping

** Australia consultants will receive the Autum/Winter catalogs and testers as well as the upcoming Spring/Summer New ones!

*** Contents may vary / If purchased separately, these items would be an investment of well over $300!



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