Largest Direct Selling Company in the World! – Join Scensty®

Scentsy was named the 5th Largest Direct Selling Company in the World!

For a wickless, flameless candle company we sure are on fire!
Yes, that candle craze I have been telling you about is pretty awesome!! Start your own home candle business with Scentsy today!

Join in on the sensation and get FREE shipping* on your starter kit this month, plus you are also able to earn $300 in FREE additional product!

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The Heart of Scentsy Fragrance


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Grandma and I

Barbara Volkema                                                Independent Scentsy Family Consutant      920.435.5550 or 920.360.4062

Order from, or Join, any of our Scentsy Family                                                          Scentsy Fragrance 

 *USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom





Barbara Volkema
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