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Lavender Essential OilsLavender Essential Oils are one of the most widely used essential oils. Lavender is well known for its’ soothing and calming effects.

Diffuse Our Lavender Essential Oils into the air and take a moment to breathe deeply this indisputable scent, allowing all your cares and worries of the day to drift from your shoulders as you unwind.

Lavender Fragrance

$22.00 / .5 fl. oz./ 15 ml

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic oils extracted physically {typically using steam distillation or expression} from naturally occurring plant substances such as citrus peel or pulp, leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots and other plant parts.

Where are Scentsy Oils manufactured?

We currently work with seven fragrance companies worldwide to manufacture Scentsy Oils. There are so many companies that use co2 extraction systems to create essential oil flavors. We will continue to expand our network of distributors to continue delivering the best fragrance experience.

Does the character of natural and essential oils fluctuate over time?

Yes. Natural and essential oils are subject to character (odor and color) variations caused by environmental factors such as flooding, drought and changing weather cycles. Though we profile our natural and essential oils and have established an acceptable range of variance, minor variances in the character of an essential oil or oil blend may be detectable from time to time.

Do natural and essential oils expire?

Since natural and essential oils are derived from 100 percent natural materials, their potency may vary over time. For best results, we recommend storing your Scentsy Oils away from extreme fluctuations in heat or light. For best results, use Scentsy Oils within two years of purchase.

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