Safe, Wickless Candles – Scentsy

Safe, Wickless Candles – Scentsy
This is yet another reason why I use Scentsy Wickless Warmers and not Wicked Candles, unless in a power outage.
I don’t know how many times, before I found   “Scentsy”, I would have to turn around and rush home after remembering I didn’t blow out a candle.
I’ve had glass jars… explode, pillar candles melt wrong and ruin woodwork, furnature or carpet, soot on the wall, and burnt fingers.
No Wicks for this Chick!!!
I am so glad no one was hurt!
Bathroom candles spark blazing fire in Heather Graham’s Manhattan penthouse.

Firefighters were dispatched to Heather Graham’s New York penthouse apartment Saturday night to put out a blaze, The New York Post reports.

A fire broke out at her Union Square home when burning candles left on her bathtub ignited nearby clothes. “It was candles that maybe caught some clothes that were left near the tub,” FDNY Chief John Bley told the newspaper.


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