Scentsy­­™ February is Enhanced Kit Month

 You are already a network marketer!!!
Think about this for just a second, you enjoy a store or product you tell someone about it, the only difference is by becoming a network marketer, you GET PAID for it!!!
Do you use Scentsy?! Do you love Scentsy?!
Then why NOT get paid to share that love with others?
You don’t have “sell” stuff, all you have to do is SHARE it!!

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★ February is Enhanced Kit Month ★
Receive Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer Catalogs and Testers.

###Join123{$250+ in re-usable product}
*Contents of Kit may Vary

I have been a consultant for over 2 years and didn’t know this secret till today!!!!

Watch my Friend Michelle explain how you get over $260 worth of USEABLE product !!

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