Scentsy 2016 Fall/Winter Catalog

Here it is, Our New Scentsy 2016 Fall/Winter catalog!

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2016 Fall/Winter Catalog What will you find inside?!

  • New Scents & Fall/Winter Scents
  • Home
  • Kids
  • Groom
  • Skin
  • Laundry
  • Clean
  • and a whole lot more…

“Fragrance connects us to our emotions, to our memories and to each other.” –Heidi Thompson

“We deliver personalized fragrance experiences better than anyone else in the world.” –Orville Thompson

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Why Our Wax? - Scentsy

“Every fragrance we design has the power to release a memory. Even after all these years, they still surprise me. We want to connect you with those special moments in your life. Try a new scent and see what you remember.” – Heidi Thompson, PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDER

Heidi Thompson - Scentsy

Fragrance is a DECLARATION. A chance to share your story — WHO YOU ARE — with the world. That’s why we have fragrances to convey every mood, style and trend.

Lindsay Randolph, CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER - Scentsy


“ I love our perfumers and how they display their creativity in such a unique way. They have such a romantic, sensual way of looking at fragrance design. It adds a fresh, inspiring perspective to my creativity. They are unbelievable partners in our journey to make the finest fragrances in the world available to everyone.”




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