Scentsy – February 2013 Warmer of the Month

Each month Scentsy releases a new full-size warmer and scent that are not included in the regular catalog. For that month only, you can purchase these new products at a 10% discount. These products will continue to be available following their release as Warmer of the Month and Scent of the Month, but the discount only applies during the month of their release. As colorful as the coming spring, February 2013 Scentsy Warmer of the Month Easter Egg, is the perfect present for any basket! Available for purchase at a 10% discount beginning February 1, 2013.


As colorful as the coming spring, Easter Egg
is the perfect present for any basket! Layers of pretty, hand-painted pastel
patterns and dancing daisies decorate its glossy surface. Open it, and you’ll
find a clever treat – a warmer dish nestled right into the egg.   $35 $31.50

FEBRUARY SCENT | Posy Peach posy peach

Begin your exploration of violet leaf with Posy Peach — fuzzy ripe peach balanced by green, tender tendrils of violet leaf in a fragrance that hints at lazy summer days.

Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount.

Scent Circle CC-PSP $3.00 $2.70

Scentsy Bar SB-PSP $5.00 $4.50

Room Spray RS-PSP $8.00 $7.20

ScenTrend 2013 is Violet Leaf

scenttrendViolet Leaf exudes an organic, green fragrance with a subtle floral undertone. The earthy violet leaf note has a cut-grass feel with watery accents of melon and cucumber and is very different from the fragrance of a violet flower, which has a sweet, powdery scent.

What other Scentsy fragrances go well with Violet Leaf, and how should I mix them with Violet Leaf?

Green and herbaceous with subtle floral notes, Violet Leaf is perfect for creating a customized fragrance experience. Just add a cube or two of refreshing Violet Leaf to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and enjoy the way it blends beautifully to create a unique fragrance.  Look for in the Scentsy Fragrance catalog for scents that are perfect for mixing with Violet Leaf.

The fragrances include:

Posy Peach

Route 66


Apple Press

Rio Beach

Lotus Cove

My Home

NEW for Spring:

Serene Green

Honeymoon Hideaway

Simply Lime

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