Scentsy – Punta Cana or an African Safari?!

Punta Cana - ScentsyDecisions, Decisions?!

Are you ready to earn one of our FIVE levels for the 2017 Scentsy Incentive Trip!

Scentsy Punta Cana, an african safari (similar to those people book online for themselves) or Kansas City for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion.

  • Qualification for the 2017 incentive trip starts Aug. 1st.

Which destination would you choose?! Let’s make this happen for you!!!

For the first time ever, we are offering FIVE levels for the Scentsy incentive trip, so everyone has the opportunity to work toward something really amazing!

What are the five levels?

  • Level 1: SCENTSY SPIRIT! Free registration for Scentsy Family Reunion 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri!
  • Level 2: PACK YOUR BAGS! For Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!
  • Level 3: Pack Your Bags � ALL EXPENSES PAID! For Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!
  • Level 4: Pack Your Bags � All Expenses Paid � PLUS ONE! For Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!
  • Level 5: AFRICAN SAFARI! For our top 100 earners worldwide!
    Bonus Starter Kit Available Monday August 1st.!!!

I can help you, as I have earned the following trips:

  • Bahamas
  • Cancun – Leadership
  • 7 Day Caribbean Cruise out of Puerto Rico
  • 4 Day Cruise to Cozumel – Leadership
  • Family trip to Walt Disney World, however opted out as my daughter had her HS. Exams and chose Nashville for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion.
  • New Your City – Leadership
  • Next Stop – Punta Cana or Africa?!

Let’s get you started on August 1st and make a plan.

With August being the month you get the Enhanced Bonus starter kit, it really is thebest time to join our team and sell Scentsy!

When you join and sell Scentsy now and become a Scentsy Consultant on our team, I will help you get started so you can be ready to benefit from our amazing fall season and will show how to grow a team. It�s always a great time to start a Scentsy home-based fragrance business, but here are a few reasons to join now in August:

1. Enhanced Bonus Starter Kit

2. Scentsy�s semi-annual 10% off sale; everyone loves to buy during a sale

3. Discontinued list comes out and people want to stock up on their faves before they�re gone

4. Fall and Winter is coming, so it�s fun to book parties� everyone�s ready for a girls night out!

5. Excitement of the new catalog for September with brand new products and yummy New and returning fall/winter scents.

6. Everyone buys gifts, and Christmas is just around the corner, so you can help them get the perfect gift this year

7. The Fall season brings rich, yummy fragrances to welcome in the fall. Everyone loves to make their home smell cozy and inviting during the fall!

8. You�ll LOVE being a part of our team and won�t want to wait any longer!

9. Our Incentive Trip qualifications start August 1st. How would you like to earn an African Safari, a trip to Punta Cana or Kansas City, MO for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion?!

10. We have an Ahh-maZing Scensty team of Consultants.

Scentsy is currently available in 11 Countries: USA, Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom and would sure love to have you join us.

Scentsy International


Choose your Country when you Sign up to sell Scentsy today and you can be the newest Scentsy Consultant on our team and be lucky enough to get the Enhanced Bonus Scentsy Starter Kit!

There�s always room for more and you�ll be in for the ride of your lifetime!

I am always online and available to chat on Facebook! Send me a message if you have any questions!!!

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I am also just a call/text away at {920} 360.4062 or email me @!

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