Scentsy Saturation MythI hear from people all the time that are very interested in Selling Scentsy and Joining Our Team, and Ask me “How may consultants there are in the area, I heard Scentsy is saturated?” Well I am here to tell you that in direct sales, unless you are servicing 100% of the people, there is room to grow.

If everyone on your block already uses your product, then move out a block or two. If everyone in your city is using your product, then move onto another city. We are now an International Company so your customer and growth potential is HUGE! Realistically if you had enough customers internationally you could look at storage container rental for shipping your products to other countries.

Scentsy is currently available in 11 Countries: USA, Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom

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Scentsy is still a very new product, and our market area has quite a ways to grow before it even begins to be anywhere near the saturation point.

As an example, say there are over 40 Scentsy consultants in a sample town of 10,000. Each of these consultants, are working their business in a way that works for them. Some are kit-nappers and are not selling anything, some are just active, some are only buying for themselves and family, so are lousy consultants that are difficult to get a hold of, slow to respond, rude or lacking knowledge and some are working their Scentsy business as just that a Business. I can promise you that all 10,000 people in the EXAMPLE town are not aware or even using our products, Yet!
Trust me when I say, “There are people out there who will buy from you, just beacause you are you! That is what makes you so special! That is why, if you are interested in selling Scentsy, YOU SHOULD!

“After years of skepticism, the investment community is finally waking up to the viability of direct selling as a good investment opportunity.”

Scentsy, Inc.
Founded in 2004 in an ocean shipping container on a sheep farm, this Idaho-based company was named the fastest-growing, privately-held consumer products company in the United States in 2010 by
Inc. Magazine. With only $60,000 in paid-in capital, Scentsy’s business success has defied the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.
Since 2008:
• 750 new employees
• 113,000 new small business owners
• $6 million in charitable contributions
• 6 million new customers
• $80 million paid in taxes
• $352 million paid to families acrossNorth America†

† Includes Scentsy payroll, benefits, commissions, royalties, and shareholder distributions.
Entrepreneurshipis the answer. Direct Selling works.

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To be considered a saturated market with an unsustainable ratio customers to consultants, it is typically said that 10% of the population would have to be selling the product. That means that in the example town of 10, 000 people 1000 people would have to be selling to be saturated with “consultants”.
I am sure your community is not saturated.

Even in the 40 people in the Example community who are consultants, only 20% are typically working their business. The other 80 % are considered inactive or slow moving consultants. To look at it another way, unless every person is using your products, there is room for growth. Look for ways to attract those who are not yet using the Scentsy products.

Saturation in direct sales is a myth. Start finding those who are not yet using your products and find a way to market to them that gets them to say yes.

The bottom line; If you make a decision to join or not join based on a raw numbers, with no facts to back up that number, you’re making a unsubstantiated evaluation.

The number of consultants in a particular area, state, or country is irrelevant. All that matters is how you chose to work YOUR business. If you’re joining to work it as a business, I am here tell you there will always be more customers to serve than there are good quality consultants to serve them. Regardless of the company you choose, there is always room for outstanding consultants.

Looking forward to seeing You at the Top!!!

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