Scentsy® Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog

Scentsy® Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog

Spring/Summer 2015

Well its Finally here!!!  Our newest Spring/Summer Scentsy catalog is absolutely my favorite so far!!! Today I thought I would share with you a couple of the things that I personally LOVE in our newest Spring/Summer catalog.

I do not know about you, however I personally have had enough of winter and our family is ready for all things light, fresh, new and clean!!! Our New Summer catalog is full of Spring colors, new warmers, and amazing New scents! Are you getting tired of the all cold and darkness that winter brings? Then come and enjoy the freshness and newness that spring has to offer with some of our amazing products!!!

Parlor Edison Bulb Warmer


Infuse your space with the romantic glow of an Edison bulb. Smoky gray glass and a cement base add to the vintage ambience. As you can see it is not the usual Scentsy lightbulb, it is our newest Edison bulb warmer, and it is stunning!!!

Goldsmith Scentsy Deluxe Warmer


A unique play of cool white ceramic against hammered gold, the Goldsmith Scentsy Deluxe Warmer brings a textured but smooth and refined look to your home decor. This orb is a little magical, conjuring tales of the alchemists who tried to transform ordinary objects into gold. Scentsy has succeeded, embracing glossy white within satiny gilded elegance. Display wherever you want your obvious good taste to shine and the sumptuous smells of your favorite Scentsy bars to seductively swirl.

Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer


If you are a connoisseur of pressed or patterned glass the Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer by Scentsy will be a beautiful and welcome addition to your decor. The cross hatched design is a classic, with celebratory starbursts, crosses and stylized weaves topped with palm fronds. A slightly smoky, distressed look adds to the feeling of an antique wall sconce, the bulb glowing softly and the top waiting for the lovely addition of some Scentsy cubes to add to the marvelous.

Jet Set Go Laundry Care


My FAVORITE new addition to Our Laundry Care  products, would by far have to be the addition of Jet Set Go!!! Imagine yourself going to sleep dreaming of the tranquil ocean and you wake up seriously thinking you woke up on a tropical paradise island!!! I dare you, no I double dog dare you to wash your bedding with our Laundry Care products and you will never wash your bedding the same way again!   It will be love at first wash!

Available in Laundry Liquid, Washer Whiffs and Dryer Discs.

Great for ALL your Laundry needs!!! {11 fragrance to choose from}

 My 3 New Favorite Scents:

  • Bonfire Beach: Toasted marshmallow, smoldering over white flint and sandalwood harmonize with salty sea air and ocean spray.
  • Coconut Cotton: Sun-warmed cotton, creamy coconut milk, bright citrus and white sandalwood transport you to a cabana on a tropical beach.
  • Sedona Sunset: Just as the setting sun pints the desert sky, flamboyant desert lily and vanilla orchid enliven creamy coconut milk and ethereal jasmine.

You seriously  do not want to miss what is to come!!!

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