Scentsy® – What kind of consultant would you be?

What kind of consultants would you be?

  1. Catalog Consultants: Share with neighbors, friends and relatives mostly through online & catalog orders. Do you like the idea of earning a little extra money?
  2. Hobby Consultants: Loves doing parties and earning extra money when its convenient. You may have a few parties some months and skip other months.
  3. Part-time Consultants: Wishes to make a specific income to pay for an ongoing expense or goal. Regularly has one or two parties a week.
  4. Career Consultants: Views their business as a valuable career, knowing it can provides a  full-time income. Pursues leadership.

Join Scentsy and Party for a Living

Join Scensty and make extra money along with earning free products. Becoming a Scentsy Consultant means that you can work full-time or part-time hosting parties; sharing  Scentsy at Fairs, Craft Shows or Bazaars, selling online; or just receiving Free and discounted products for yourself if you are nuts for Scentsy! Become a Consultant today and take charge of your life! Be your own boss, make your own hours – ‘Be’ the Change you want and need for your families life and finances! Sell Scentsy Products and start your own candle business. Instead of answering to a boss – be your own boss!

The Scentsy Business Opportunity is available in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Austria, France, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland!

Join Now

TO JOIN: Simply go to:

Then go to JOIN NOW! On the left hand side, select your country, language and click “join now.” It will bring you through the sign up process & I will contact you with one on one training on how to accomplish your personal goals.

{Please note: Consultants in Austria, France and Spain can JOIN NOW however will not be eligible to begin selling until we officially open for business in these countries on Sept. 8.}

Work at your own pace sharing Scentsy

Some Scentsy Consultants Join Scentsy and work their business full-time. Most consultants however work part-time for a little extra monthly income and get more involved as their business grows. Some Scentsy Consultants Join Scentsy and build their Business Online, while others build their business locally. Are you a professional career person with full-time job? Build your business a few evenings each week or on the weekends. Men and Women alike love Scentsy. Some are stay-at-home parents who build their business around their family’s schedule. No matter what your life-style, a Scentsy Business can fit your routine and schedule.

Independent Scentsy Consultants can earn immediate income, monthly bonuses and awards. Plus, there are incentives and contests in which Consultants can earn Additional Income, Free Product & Product Credit, Prizes and All Expense Paid Trips.

In this day and age it’s wise to have Multiple Streams of Income flowing into your home. Choosing Scentsy as your Home Based Business is a perfect career option offering the flexibility to work around YOUR life.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Scentsy?

One of the great things about becoming a Scentsy Consultant is that your business starter kit** only costs a one time investment of $99 {US + tax & shipping} Our business kit contains over $200 in products and promotional items to start your business immediately!This is a very low price for all the products and materials that you receive.

  • 80+ scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochure

**$99. US / 99 € Spain / $119 Canada / $139. Australia / €99 Germany                       £85/€99 United Kingdom / 340 zł Poland / €99 Ireland / 99 € France                          $1959 Mexico {contents may vary}**

Return on Investment

Just having one average party of $400-600 will pay you back the cost of joining Scentsy in commissions – Really! Most people make money hosting Scentsy Parties. This is where 90% of all Scentsy business comes from. Party, Party, Party! If you are going to bother joining Scentsy then you need to have at least one party – your Grand Opening party that is! Our goal is to always have our consultants make their initial investment back right away.

Also, take into consideration how much money you and your friends spend on Candles each year. You can save a ton of money just by Joining Scentsy. You can use a single warmer for the entire year (and much longer) and just scrape out wax from each of your 80+ Party Tester jars.

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