Scentsy - Simply Irristable Back for a Limited time Only – Simply Irresistible 

January 1st – 31st, 2016

The allure of the open countryside is impossible to ignore. Give in to your cravings for nature by indulging in the scent of our Simply Irresistible Scentsy Bar. It contains masculine notes of amber, lush green moss, earthy musk, and invigorating lavender blooms.

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Imagine spending the first day of summer amid the breezes of the open country. Perched on a rustic farmland fence, you can see the wind waving through fields of purple lavender, breaking against the trees of the leafy forest behind you.

The essence of this scene has been depicted through a careful selection of notes in our Simply Irresistible Scentsy Bar. This nature inspired aroma includes elements of herbal lavender, heady green moss, primitive musk, and teeming amber for a soft and masculine base. Fields of fragrant lavender blooms lend their aroma to a mix of dew-kissed green moss, woodsy musk, and glowing amber. Buy yours today!

Just add a few cubes of your Scentsy Bar into your Scentsy Warmer, turn it on, and with minutes, you’ll be enjoying this masculine scent.

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