Start a Scentsy® Business – Scentsy Starter Kit

The Scentsy Starter Kit

The Scentsy Starter Kit is equipped to help you launch your business successfully, providing both current Scentsy products as well as business supplies needed to build a customer base and sales team.

The Starter Kit contents may vary, however this is what will typically comes in your kit:

Scentsy Warmer  – Scentsy Warmers are the foundation of your Scentsy business. One of our beautiful, handcrafted warmers will come to you to use as a display at home parties, in your home, and events, trade shows, and more.

Fragrance Wax Bars ­– Scentsy Fragrance wax bars are the heart of your Scentsy business. You will receive a fragrance scent bar in your starter kit to be used in your warmer, for samples or to warm in your home, at parties, event, trade shows and more.

Fragrance Wax Testers – Your currant and new customers like to smell the available scents before purchasing them. In your Scentsy starter kit, you will get small containers with re-sealable lids for every scent available in the current catalog. These testers are a great conversation piece as well and can get your party guests talking about their scent memories. {each tester is equivalent to approx. two {2} cubes of fragrance wax}

Air Freshener – In addition to Scentsy fragrance wax bars, our fragrances are available in a variety of other products, including scent paks, scent circles, room sprays and travel tins. You will receive one of these products with your starter kit.

Layers Products – Scentsy fragrances are also available as bath, body and laundry care products, which will come and can be used for your own personal use or  as testers for your customers. This is another great way to smell the available scents.

Scentsy Catalogs – Catalogs are a must have for customers. Scentsy will send you a pack of catalogs to launch your business. Additional catalogs can be purchased through our  Scentsy Family Store. Once you have received your kit, be sure to label your catalogs with your contact information so that your customers can find you again for their future orders!

Personal Website – Scentsy will provide you with a personal website for customers to place orders directly from our warehouses. When you sign up, you will be able to select a website address – {SCENTSY TIP: pick something that is easy for customers to remember.} This website will be FREE for your first 3 months and then it will be $10/month. {All updates, sales, etc. to your website will be updated via. Our Scentsy tech. team} You will also have FREE access to the your Workstation with many valuable business tools, including FREE business training 24/7!

How to Build A Scentsy Business

  • Research Scentsy
  • Select Sponsor to help build your business
  • Enroll as Sales Consultant
  • Receive your Starter Kit
  • Hold Launch Party
  • Build Customer Base and Sales
  • TeamAchieve Your Dreams

A great way to build excitement for your New Scentsy business is to invite a few friends over the day your Starter Kit is expected to arrive (you can track in your order on your workstation). They will love helping open your box and will help spread the word about your new business. They may even join your team, helping build your income. I would love to talk to you more about starting a Scentsy business. To join now, click on the button below:

Join Scentsy®

You can Simply join today at JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!!!

I will be in touch with you right away to start your ROCKSTAR training!

Do you have questions or want to know more before joining?!  No problem!  I’m just a call or text away at {920} 360.4062 or email me at!

I am always available to chat on Facebook!  I would love to chat with you, send me a friend request at and I’ll respond right away.

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