Scentsy - Henry For QuoteThe very reasons you say you can’t join Scentsy; are the very reasons you Can!!! 

You have kids – Great they can help you and you can enjoy this business from home together. My kids love helping and earning spending money.

You’re too busy – Great an extra pay check can help you work less hours at your current job, allow you quit that part-time job or at the very least give you an extra pay check to spend when you have a day off, save for a vacation. Who doesn’t like Mad Money!

You don’t have the money to join – Great, even more of a reason to join! We all belong to For Sale Sites – Facebook is full of them. Sell some things in your home you don’t use anymore {clothes kids they grew out of, books, DVD’s, etc.} “Another mans Junks is someones Treasure.” BAM –  you now have the money to join and can start earning that extra pay check every month.

You don’t know enough people – Great, through doing this, you will MEET people. I can show you how to be successful at this without even knowing ONE person to sell to!!

• Too many of your friends sell it – Great, that’s fantastic news, they are smart & chose the right company!! You can enjoy friendly competition while earning the FREE trips and building your teams, share ideas & do events together! I’ve met so many amazing people & built the best friendships because of this company!!

Scentsy Home Decor

Now I’m sure there are many more excuses you could throw at me, however I’ll excuse bust those, too. Excuses won’t make you money, they won’t change things for me, but they will for you!

Let me put it this way, by not trying you have 100% chance of NOT succeeding. At least with trying your chances will increase….

🌟WHAT IF one opportunity could change your life? How will you know if you never try?

What kind of consultant would YOU be?

  1. Catalog Consultant: Share with neighbors, friends and relatives mostly through online & catalog orders. Do you like the idea of earning a little extra money?
  2. Hobby Consultant: Loves doing parties and earning extra money when its convenient. You may have a few parties some months and skip other months.
  3. Part-time Consultant: Wishes to make a specific income to pay for an ongoing expense or goal. Regularly has one or two parties a week.
  4. Career Consultant: Views their business as a valuable career, knowing it can provides a  full-time income. Pursues leadership.
  5. Fundraiser Consultant: Are you one who loves to help your community? Scentsy makes for a Great Fundraiser.

    Scentsy is one of the fastest growing party plan companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Austria, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom {England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland} – and we are a company that encourages you to express yourself and use your own unique talents to develop your own unique business.

Teamwork Join Scentsy

 When I started my Scentsy Journey 3.5 years ago I honestly thought I would fail terribly. I mean no-one makes money at these things, right? That was all good, as I was just looking for a distraction during a dark time in our families life. I thought at best I could just get a discount on a my wax and warmers and as a BONUS my kit had a ton of delicious smelling testers I could use in my warmers – so total score for me! {I seriously didn’t do much of anything my first year, ya could say my first year I was a kit-napper}.

I watched, I learned, I grew!!!

Little did I know that when I finally jumped in, took a risk, with some hard work, determination, and a no-excuse attitude I would achieve so much in such a short time.

I have a team who I adore, many new friends all over the world, and the best customers and hosts EVER!!! I have more financial freedom than I could have dreamed. Mind you I am not a millionaire, YET!!! However, I’m making dreams come true for my family, friends, my team and I am doing things I only ever dreamed of.

Never could I have dreamed of traveling, taking my girls to Puerto Rico and a 7 day Cruise, having a debt-free Christmas, an Emergency Fund and more.

Who would have Thunk-it?! At that time Not this Girl. #ClaimIt

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Teamwork Join Scentsy

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