Wisconsin Scentsy Consultant – Wickless Candles

Wisconsin Scentsy Consultant – Wickless Candles

My name is Barbara Volkema. I am a single mom living in the heart of Green Bay, WI.  and yes, I am a “Cheeshead.”

I have been Blessed in many ways through my children, family and friends. In June of 2012. I was presented an opportunity to run “My OWN Wickless Candle Business”, through my home. I chose to embark on this “New Journey”, not realizing the blessings and rewards I was in store for. My business has become a “Family Business.”

I would love to offer you a safe, matchless, soot-free alternative to burning candles in your home or office. Where Candles Can’t Go – Scentsy Can. Our warmers are easy to use and match any decor and style. (Living Room, Kitchen, Kids Rooms, Sports, Holiday, Heros, Patriot.)

We offer 80+ scents to fill your home with a fragrance that is warm and inviting.

Scentsy also offers Room Spray, Car Candles, Fragrance Foam (antibacterial), Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Scenty Buddy’s, replacement light-bulbs and accessories.

Layers by Scentsy ~ Bath Tablets, Shower Gel/Cream, Body Butter/Lotion, Body Spray/Solid Perfume, Dryer Disks, Washer Whiffs, Hand Soap and Hand Cream.

Although  I live in Green Bay, WI., my boundries are limitless. Scentsy is available to Buy and/or Join in the United States and Canada. I am looking to Expand my Business around the world and would love to include you on my Journey.

If you are intersted in Buying Scentsy, Hosting a Party or  Joining My Team Contact me:

Barbara Volkema


We also offer the Opportunity to Join in Europe. Germany, Ireland & the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

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Barbara Volkema

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Barbara Volkema
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