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Charitable Cause Warmer: Service and Sacrifice

Available September 1st, 2013



Returning from the war is not the end of a journey. It’s merely the beginning of a New Life of Service. The Mission Continues awards community service fellowships to post-9/11 military veterans, helping them do what they do best — serve others. Each fellowship brings veterans and civilians together to strengthen their communities.

Your purchase of Service & Sacrifice will help The Mission Continues support veterans on their New Mission of service here at home.

*Scentsy will donate $8 USA from the sale of each Service & Sacrifice to The Mission Continues. $35. each. (September 1st, 2013 – February 28th, 2014)

*Scentsy will donate $9 CAN from the sale of each Service & Sacrifice to The Wounded Warriors Canada. $42. each. (September 1st, 2013 – February 28th, 2014)


or Call me at 920.360.4062 to Pre-Order Yours Today.

***Available September 1st, 2013

To learn more about The Mission Continues please visit: The Mission Continues

Mission ContinuesEmpowering post-9/11 veterans to transition from the military to leadership positions here at home … The Mission Continues.


Charitable Cause Products

Each spring and fall, the Scentsy Family Foundation, with the help of Independent Scentsy Family Consultants’ nominations, selects a charitable cause or organization to support by creating a distinctive new product in its honor. Each limited-edition product is available through Scentsy Fragrance Consultants for six months only.

To learn more about the Scentsy Family Foundation Please visit us @ Scentsy Family Foundation

The Scentsy Family Foundation offers philanthropic support through a combination of scholarships, direct donations toward individual efforts and community-based causes, and charitable cause products.

For Heidi and Orville Thompson, President and CEO of Scentsy, Inc., the definition of generosity is simple — “contribute more than you take.” From the beginning the Thompsons have been determined to build their business around the core principles of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity.

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