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Discover an opportunity to operate a successful business according to your conditions . Discover a new way to give more than you take. Discover what it means to be with wonderful people all over the world in connection. Discover how you can build and manage a successful team of passionate entrepreneurs international. Discover Scentsy!!!

Why Scentsy? Join Scentsy Germany / Deutschland


Join Scensty and make extra money along with earning free products. Becoming a Scentsy Consultant means that you can work full-time or part-time hosting parties; sharing  Scentsy at Fairs, Craft Shows or Bazaars, selling online; or just receiving Free and discounted products for yourself if you are nuts for Scentsy! Become a Consultant today and take charge of your life! Be your own boss, make your own hours – ‘Be’ the Change you want and need for your families life and finances! Sell Scentsy Products and start your own candle business. Instead of answering to a boss – be your own boss.

At Scentsy, we don’t just recruit Consultants — we SponsorSupport and Mentor them.

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 Germany - Scentsy Opportunity

Growth: Learn valuable business skills .

Relationships: Close friends with customers , hostesses and other counselors .

Once you have registered, we will send you a starter kit with the products and financial resources , including catalogs and a complete set of fragrance testers , you need to start a successful new business . € 99 Incl . VAT , excl. Shipping costs . The contents may vary .

Join Scentsy®

How does Scentsy work?

Using your new Scentsy Warmer is simple! Our authentic Scentsy Warmers use a heating element to slowly melt specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke, or soot, the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy Scentsy fragrances.

Scentsy System

 Currant Catalog

Browse our entire collection of artfully designed warmers, evocative fragrances, and easy-to-use products. Download your copy of our Spring/Summer Catalogue today.

View Catalog Online —–> Click Here

Scentsy Cause Products / Germany / Deutschland

Germany - Derma Kids - Scentsy

Frequently Asked Questions Germany/Deutschland

How much does it cost to get started?

It’s €99 and includes VAT {shipping not included} for your Starter Kit.

What does the Starter Kit include?

Everything you need to get started: 80 Fragrance Testers, Catalogs, Order forms Consultant Start-Up Guide, Invitations, Order Forms and many more great business supplies along with Products for your display that are in the current catalog when you join. *Items subject to change at sole discretion of Scentsy

How much do I have to sell to stay active?

You must sell 150 in PRV {Personal Retail Volume} in a single month in any rolling 3 month period in order to stay active. i.e. If you sell 75 PRV in April, 0 in May – then you MUST sell at least 150 in June to stay in good standing with your account.

How much money can I make?

You can earn 20-39% on your own sales and leadership bonuses of up to 9% of your Team volume of and beyond. *Ask us more about how far you can collect overrides on your Downline. The sky’s the limit. You are the only person who can control how much you work your business, sell, recruit and engage. So, you can make No Money all the way up to your family living solely off your Scentsy income!

Make Money with Scentsy™ – How do I make money?!

How long has Scentsy been around? What is the growth potential?

Scentsy opened July 1st 2004. We are, at our heart, a Fragrance Company. We started with wax and warmers but we have expanded our products and lines to include many more. We reach a huge customer base as we cater to men, women and children. Our products are consumable, therefore reorders occur. The company has experienced incredible growth. We are still a very young company and as we open in each country there is a ground floor opportunity for you to recruit there as well as expand in your country.  Scentsy is adding new lines all the time and with our re-branding in 2015 we are poised to grow exponentially over the coming years.  We opened in Germany April 2011

Do I have to buy a lot of inventory and keep it stocked to do parties?

No. Really, all you need is what comes in your Starter Kit. You order the products on your consultant workstation when customers order from you. You can choose to have an inventory, but it is not required and is actually not recommended. Keep it simple!

How can I sell Scentsy?  Do I have to do Home Parties?

Taking individual orders from customers, Home Parties, Basket Parties, Website/On-Line and Fairs/Expos, Fundraisers, etc. You can work your business however you choose to however, Everyone should have at least 1 Home party – your Grand Opening Launch Party – so you can earn some host rewards for yourself and make back, in commissions, the cost of your fees to Join and really, Hosting a Party is Fun and you need to know how they work right? After all, we are a Party Plan Company!

How do I get paid commission and bonuses?

You are paid on the 11th of the month for the prior month’s business. You collect the retail price {plus shipping** if applicable} from customers and pay the retail price when you enter the order on your Workstation or Scentsy Website {PWS}. Scentsy sends you commission and bonus payment on the 11th of each month via our Online Pay Portal. You will receive payment for your commission and bonus for the total sales you and your team {if applicable}, as well as your Downline Directors {up to 3 Generations} made during the previous month. {You must sell 500 PRV in the previous month to qualify for the leadership bonus/overrides}.

Make Money with Scentsy™ – How do I make money?!

What payment types can I accept from customers? Are there credit card processing fees?

You can accept personal or business checks made payable to you, cash or credit cards {Visa, MasterCard, Direct Debit, Online Banking, Pay Portal}. Consultants do not pay credit card processing fees. If you collect cash or checks from your customers then you will need to pay for their order on your workstation with your own card. Again, no charge applies for use unless you use a service like Square, for payment processing at events and shows.

Do I have to pay for all the rewards a hostess gets for having a party?

No. You don’t pay anything! Scentsy covers all expenses for the hostess rewards as long as you use all of their/your Free and half-price {½} items. There IS a charge for unused hostess rewards to encourage use of All Rewards.

Is there training available?

Absolutely! Scentsy has an evolving library of training materials available on your workstation. Shawn and I also offer Mentoring and Training. We are available by Phone, Video Chat, Email, Texting, Facebook and other means available. I also have an active Team Facebook Group page, Training Videos and so much more.  Scentsy also has Regional Events and Meetings along with Annual Conventions.

What do I do if I have a question?

Read the New Consultant Guide as soon as you become a Consultant. It’s available under the Resource Tab of your personal workstation under the New Consultant Tab. It answers most questions in your first few days. Also, Contact me.  I will be your Sponsors which means that we are responsible for Mentoring and Training you. I know where all the answers you need are and will teach you as well.  And, if your question is a bit more complex, I can help you there too!  We also have a Consultant Support Department that is there for all consultants. Monday – Friday in addition to our fantastic Workstation.

How often are the products and catalogs updated?

Twice a year – March & September. We have Transition Months, February & August, where we have specials on products as well as discounted business supplies to stock up for each new season.

Can I have my own Scentsy website?

Yes. Online sales and reorders are a big part of our business. You can subscribe to a Scentsy Personalized Website {PWS} so Customers can order and reorder whenever it’s convenient for them. Also, the only way you can recruit and build a Team is if you have a PWS. You will create your website address during the Enrollment process. Your website subscription is FREE for the first three months after you Join and there is a nominal monthly fee after that. If you choose to create a website that is not sponsored by Scentsy, there are certain guidelines that must be met. Please let us know if you have questions about this as we have an External website.

How do I get marketing materials and business supplies?

Your Starter Kit will be full of Supplies to get you off to a great start. Business supplies such as catalogs, order forms testers and a LOT more are available to order on your Scentsy consultant workstation from the Scentsy Family Store {SFS}. Also available from the SFS are your marketing materials such as custom business cards, banners, clothing, pens, etc. Flyers for monthly specials are available to download and print from your Resources Tab on your workstation for Free. Create your own – If you like, you can make your own fliers, invitations etc. but there are guidelines that you’d need to follow.

Great! How do I sign up to be a Scentsy consultant?

You sign up online through my Scentsy website, Click on the JOIN tab at the top of the page and scroll down to select your country and language preference. You can absolutely Call, Email or message me if you get stuck or need help.

These are the most commonly asked questions we get from potential Recruits.  If you have any other questions please free to contact me.

Interested in Joining our Scentsy Team?

You can Simply join today at JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!!!

I will be in touch with you right away to start your ROCKSTAR training!

Do you have questions or want to know more before joining?!  No problem!  I’m just a call or text away at 00+1+920-360-4062 {USA} or email me at!

I am always available to chat on Facebook!  I would love to chat with you, send me a friend request at and I’ll respond right away.

Thank You  for Your Love & Support. Our Home-Based Business is a Success because of YOU!!!

Barbara & Family XOXO

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