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Fun, Easy & Profitable Fundraisers

Many groups are tired of selling popcorn and wrapping paper, or are frustrated with high customer shipping costs or labor-intensive fundraising efforts.

Are you looking for a fun, easy, stress free and unique fundraising idea for your favorite team, charity, cause, event, youth group or community organization? Sure, you could put on another bake sale, car wash, or auction – why not try something New, exciting and different? From church fundraisers, to bake sales and selling old clothes at a carnival, raising money for a good cause can make a positive change to the people who need your help. When asking the question “how much do chipotle fundraisers make?” you can take a look online to see some of their previous ideas which you could use as inspiration for your own fundraisers. One of my friends always enjoys selling wristbands for charities of her choice. She buys custom wristbands no minimum order necessary online, and then designs them with the name of the charity. They are a good way of fundraising as people do enjoy wearing them to show their support. But there’s so much we can all do for various causes and organisations that could impact the lives of many. A friend of mine who often creates fundraisers recommends using a professional photographer to capture the day. This way, you can show off all of your hard work and effort put into the event and capture the moments that bring everyone together. She says looking at online galleries, such as the one, can provide the inspiration needed to create extraordinary photos. These photos could then be used to continue raising money once the event has ended.

Our fundraisers work and with no hidden costs to you – I supply your group with everything you need!!!

Groups are perfect for hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser

? Sports Teams {Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, etc.}
? Competitive Dance/Drill Teams
? Pre-Schools/Day Cares
? Schools (Public/Private)
? Marching Bands/Choirs
? Booster Clubs/Pep Clubs
? Pet Shelters/Rescues
? Churches/Youth Groups
? 4-H clubs/FFA/FHA
? Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
? Cheerleading Squads/Gymnastic Teams
? Non-Profit Groups – Organizations
? Churches/Mission Trips
? Adoption Expenses

Any other clubs or community groups looking to raise money throughout the year!

Scent Circle Fundraiser {15 of Our Top Sellers}

Profitable Easy Fundraiser

What is a Scent Circle?

Scentsy Scent Circles are packed with fragrance. They provide great smelling fragrance wherever they go.

Our Scent Circles have many uses:

  • in your car
  • locker at school, work or gym
  • near a litter box
  • garbage can/pail
  • return air vent
  • closets
  • at the office
  • small bathrooms
  • anywhere they can hang freely

Buddy Clip Fundraiser

Scentsy Buddy Clips

What is a Scentsy Buddy Clip?

Clip-on, collectible and oh-so-cute, these fuzzy friends are filled with scented beads that deliver kid-friendly fragrance anytime, anywhere. Great for backpacks, locker, baby bags, bedrooms and more!

  • Bandit the Horse + Candy Dandy Scent
  • Bubbles the Octopus + Berry Bubble Blue Scent
  • Lenny the Lamb + Jammy Time Scent
  • Scout the Dragon + Wild What-a-Mellon Scent

Nightlight & 3 Fragrance Bars Fundraiser {12 Nightlight & 15 of Our Most Popular Scents}

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Our Nightlights are perfect for small rooms and spaces. Scentsy Nightlight Warmers make a great scented bathroom night light and they fit snugly against the wall outlet. Each nightlight features a detachable base, making it quick and easy to change scented wax.

Includes a 15 watt light bulb. You can purchase additional bulbs for $2.00.

Fill your home with scent with Our Scentsy Fragrance Bars. Each Fragrance Bar weighs 3.2 oz and is divided into eight easy-to break-apart squares. Each square lasts approximately 10 hours {warmed}, so each Scentsy Bar will provide you with approximately 80 hours of fragrance.

We also offer a complete Scentsy Fragrance Showcase Brochure Fundraiser

Chasing Firefly Fundraiser

  • Scentsy Home: Warmers, Diffusers & Nightlights
  • Scentsy Scent: Fragrance Bars, Scent Circles, Room Sprays, Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Car Bars, 100% Natural Oils, Essential oils & Essential Oil Blends
  • Scentsy Groom: Cream Shave Soap, Refreshing Face Balm, Shampoo, Shave & Shower Bar
  • Scentsy Skin: Whipped Body Souffle’, Velvet Hand Cream & Fine Fragrance Roller
  • Scentsy Kids: Scentsy Buddies, Bath Smoothie {hair & body wash}, Buddy Clips, “Kid-approved” warmers, Four Exclusive kid-friendly fragrances
  • Scentsy Clean: Hand Soap, Kitchen/Dish Soap & Counter Cleaner
  • Scentsy Laundry: Laundry Liquid, Dryer Discs, Washer Whiffs & Clothing Conditioner

Online Fundraiser

Online/Event Fundraiser – includes all products, I will set up a “Fundraiser” on my Scentsy website & Create a Facebook Fundraiser Event for your group’s participants to direct friends and family to purchase directly from my website. There is no money to collect and no orders to deliver. All customers pay a minimal shipping fee, and the Scentsy products are shipped right to their door via UPS.

Our fundraisers work and with no hidden costs to you – I supply your group with everything you need, do all the packaging & deliver to your group!!!

Let’s Get You Started!!!

? Set your fundraiser goal dollar amount
? Set the date for your fundraiser. After the orders have been collected, I will close the fundraiser. The order will be delivered within 2-3 weeks
? Money raised will be submitted to you on or before the 15th of the following month

Do you have questions or want to know more about Our Fun, Easy & Profitable Fundraisers?! No problem!

Give More than We Take

I look forward to the opportunity in assisting you with your Fundraising Goals this year and beyond.

Barbara Volkema
Independent Scentsy Consultant
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