How do I sell Scentsy?

Join Scentsy – How Will Scentsy Help Me Succeed?

When you Join Scentsy, you will access to many tools to help you with your Scentsy Business! From friendly consultant support, a personal website, newsletter, online workstation, training, live events, Team page and more. There is never a shortage of help.

Friendly Scentsy Consultant Support:

Scentsy offers the best consultant support team! They are friendly and cheerful when I need ANYTHING! Their hours of operation are conducive to most people’s schedules, and they’re super helpful. Of course you could always get some additional marketing help too from someone like Rob Timmermann or otherwise, as an extra boost.

Personal Website:

Scentsy offers a Personal Website FREE for your first 3 months then only $10/month after that. This is great as you build your Scentsy customer base. Your customers can shop from your online website. It’s especially helpful if you are using social media and hosting Facebook parties. Having an online replicated website makes it convenient for your customer to shop and join your team.

Customer Newsletter:

Scentsy offers a monthly E-newsletter that goes directly out to your customer mailing list once a month. Keeping it managed using hubspot zoho integration can help streamline this process, but the newsletter itself is very little hassle to set up and sort! This newsletter is filled with links, specials, images, and personalized with your information. Share your newsletter with customers and on social media.

Scentsy Online Workstation:

Scentsy offers a FREE online Workstation to run your business. Your back-end Scentsy Office. Through the workstation you will place party orders, customers can be organized, team information, news, training and more. Our Scentsy Workstation also has tools, images, and lots of resources.

Scentsy Online Training Center:

Our online training center will help you with so many ideas on getting your business off to a great start! As a new consultant, there’s an area just for you. Tips and ideas on how to host parties, and use your New Scentsy pay card! There is also areas of training on how to build your team and help others join Scentsy like you.

Scentsy Events:

Scentsy offers awesome events! In the early part of the year we have Scentsy World Tour, which are similar to small, mini conventions. This is a great event and the perfect way to start the business year off! Scentsy World Tour offers trainings from home office and seasoned consultants. Every summer Scentsy puts on an amazing convention that we like to call, Scentsy Family Reunion! This is by far our largest event! There are product give-aways, fun, training, motivational speakers, big-name concerts (like Kelly Clarkson and Train!), catalog reveals, and awesome friendships made.

Scentsy Inventory:

We recommend not to go into debt buying Scentsy inventory. EVERYTHING you need is in your new Scentsy Start Up Kit. When you have no inventory to manage, it frees up your time to go share the products.

How Do I Sell Scentsy?

Scentsy is a Party Plan company and part of the Direct Selling Association. While a Scentsy home party is the best way to sell Scentsy products, there are other ways to market your Scentsy business. Let’s start with the different styles of Scentsy parties:

  • A Scentsy Home Party:
    • This party style is for everyone on the host guest list, whether they are already fans or new to the Scentsy concept. The host provides the location, invites friends and family, and serves simple refreshments. The consultant takes care of the rest! During the home party option, there is more of an opportunity to build long-lasting customer relationships and offer hosts and customers to the opportunity to join your Scentsy team. For me, this has always been the best option.
  • A Basket Party:
    • If your guests can’t make it to your party, bring the party to them! A basket party is the perfect alternative for guests who are always on the go. As a Scentsy Consultant, you will provide a beautiful display basket (or tote) full of Scentsy product samples, order forms, and all the information the host will need. The host will have 7-10 days to share it with as many people she can at as many locations as possible. The host will then return the “basket” along with completed order forms, and the Consultant will take care of the rest. This is a great option for people on the go.
  • An Open House:
    • If guests have already heard about Scentsy, then an open house might be the right option. Guests are invited to drop by at their convenience during a two- to three-hour window. As a Scentsy Consultant, you won’t need to give a big presentation, simply answer questions and give several “mini” presentations. Guests can browse products and mingle at their leisure. It’s the ultimate casual Scentsy experience, another great reason to join Scentsy.
  • Social Media Party:
    • Have you ever tried a Facebook party, a YouTube party, a Pinterest Party? A social media party is the new “party” experience that allows guests to experience the products, have fun with friends, play games, and shop –all from the comfort of their own home. I have templates to assist you in having a successful social media party. Super fun, fast paced excitement for about an hour. This is a great alternative if you have friends and family who are not local, and makes a great online marketing plan. You can tie this with some SEO improvements to your blog from a company like Victorious to help increase your traffic. Join Scentsy and work your business through fun, online Facebook parties. You should also consider setting up a YouTube channel where you can make videos to share reviews. It does not matter if you are not the best video editor either as you can always reach out to a video production company to handle this side of things for you. For example, one of my friends uses YouTube as a platform to advertise her homemade beauty products and gifts, and after contacting a videographer austin tx to collaborate on some marketing videos, her business has dramatically improved. Ultimately, if you want to get ahead online, it is important to make use of the visual elements, and making videos is one way to achieve this.
  • Outside Orders:
    • Hosts can collect orders before the party from guests who can’t attend. This will help to maximize Host Rewards! And don’t forget – ask these customers if they’d like to book their own Scentsy party, too. Hosts can earn an additional half-price item for each party booked through theirs!

Other ways to Sell Scentsy Products:

  • Expos, Fairs, and Shows
  • Online Sales and marketing (*within Scentsy guidelines)
  • Marketing to local small businesses, Realtors, Daycare Centers, Churches, Doctor Offices, etc.
  • Fundraisers

How Can Scentsy Change My Life?

When you join Scentsy, it can change your life like it’s changed mine. I’m so proud of who I’ve become! In the last 5 years, I’ve gone from being shy and quiet, to training at our Scentsy Family Reunion. I now have a new confidence, and family and friends have noticed. It comes across in my everyday life! The money is great, however the friendships I’ve made are ahh-maZing. It’s so fun to go on Scentsy trips and meet new people! I now have friends all over the world! If I can do it, anyone can do it! It just takes determination and focus, and when you join our Scentsy team, you’ll have all the resources you need for success.

Why Join Scentsy?

When you join Scentsy you become part of a team, you become family. Our values and culture are: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the “Discover Scentsy” video, I would strongly recommend you watch it. We are not just the fastest growing direct selling business in the DSA, we are THE BEST direct selling business. Your NEW business opportunity is NOW! Join Scentsy today! Do you have friends that might be looking for an opportunity? In addition to our awesome USA team, we expanding our Scentsy team globally! Let your friends know. Ask me about my referral program. What are you waiting for? Join Scentsy today!

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