Great Pride in Our Products – Buy Scentsy®

Great Pride in Our Products – Buy Scentsy®

It’s a Party, July’s Warmer of the Month, did not pass our design quality control checkpoints.

Scentsy Warmer

Many Scentsy Warmers are hand painted by skilled artisans, and while we expect a small amount of variation based on each artist’s unique brushstrokes, the variation in this case is too great to meet our standards. As a result, we will not be shipping, selling, or promoting It’s a Party as the July 2014 Warmer of the Month.

Instead of a warmer, we are offering the following –  July 2014 Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) Special!

BBMB 12-pack Special:

Order 12 BBMB of YOUR CHOICE for Only $45! {that’s like getting 3 FREE bars}

Starts July 1st, 2014

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Bring Back My Bars - 2014

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