January 2017 Warmer and Scent of the Month

January 2017 Warmer and Scent of the Month Special

Scentsy January 2017 WOTM

January 2017 Warmer of the Month – STARGAZE

Rediscover wonder. Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color, giving you a front-row seat to a dazzling show.

Stargaze - Scentsy Warmer

Enjoy this Months Special at 10% DISCOUNT!

Stargaze Warmer $50 $45.00

6.5″ tall, 20w

Available January 1st, 2017

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Available Online January 1st, 2017 or contact me to pre-order yours Today 

Message me on Facebook or email me @ WicklessinGreenBay@gmail.com

January 2017 Scent of the Month – Black Currant Bubbly

Black Currant Bubbly - ScentsyChampagne bubbles stir black currant, sweet orange and vanilla sugar.

  • Scentsy Bar $5 $4.50
  • Room Spray $8 $7.20
  • Scent Circle $3 $2.70

Available January 1st,2017

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