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Scentsy Scent Pak Fragrance

We have many Scent Pak Uses, you can use them just about anywhere that you need to freshen the air with your amazing scent choice.

Our Scentsy Scent Paks are an amazing product! The fragrance will linger in drawers, closets, suitcases and more.

1 Scents Pak $7 / 3 for $20

Buy 5 Get on Free – 6 for $35 {$7 Savings} 

The length of time that our Scent Parks lasts varies depending on the fragrance, however you’ll easily get three months out of one and some of them you will find that they regain their scent much longer. {give them a shake} I’ve had some customers comment to me that their Scent Pak has lasted longer than a year!

When our Scent Paks were  introduced they were designed to add fragrance our Scentsy Buddies, however over time the uses to them are endless.

Unicorn Scentsy Buddy

Our Scent Paks had to pass stringent product safety testing including specific safety tests for children’s toys. Our Scent Paks passed tests for tear strength and foreseeable misuse, fabric composition and cleanliness, and toxicological assessments for banned or restricted chemicals without producing detectable amounts of any such substance. So you can rest assure no matter where you use your Scent Pak little hands can touch and not get into any trouble.


Please feel free to check out all of our current Limited-Edition Scentsy Buddies!!!

Scent Pak Top 10 List:

  1. Put it in your Scentsy Buddy
  2. Hang it in the car, or place it in the glove box
  3. Place it in your powder room or bathroom.
  4. Hang it in your closet
  5. Store one in your smelly sports shoes
  6. Hang it in your laundry cupboard
  7. Pop one in your underwear drawer {satin sheets}
  8. Put it in your kids sports bag
  9. Put it in your hand bag
  10. Put in the kitchen garbage can *underneath the liner or attach it to the lid*

👉 Bonus Tip ~ When there is no scent left they make great bean bags!

Scentsy Scent Pak Uses I’d love to hear where you keep your Scent Paks, so please comment below and let me know!!! Thank You 

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