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Scentsy® Lace Warmer 

Our New Lace Warmer is one of my favorite warmers from our Spring/Summer Catalog. The delicate lace takes me back to a place of comfort in my Grandma GG’s home. Grandma GG would always have her lace doilies placed throughout her dining room and living room. Whether a beautiful vase of Lilacs on the dining room table or a lamp on the living room side table she would always make sure her doilies were clean and straight.                 Missing you Grandma GG. I will be warming Lilacs & Violets in memory of you.


Capturing the elegant details of intricate lace, this innovative warmer is hand-wrapped in genuine lace and dipped in liquid clay before it is kiln fired. In the kiln, the lace is burned away leaving its exquisite detail in the porcelain.

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Scentsy® Lace Warmer – How it’s Made

        This video is an amazing testimony to the incredible artistry behind our products.      Quality and beauty.

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