Low down on joining Scentsy!!!

Low down on joining Scentsy!!!

1) The price to Join is:

$99. US / 99 € Spain / $119 Canada / $139. Australia / €99 Germany                       £85/€99 United Kingdom / 340 zł Poland / €99 Ireland / 99 € France                          $1959 Mexico

It’s not a lot and, while you do get a lot of business supplies in your kit, the cost of the Products you get in your kit are valued at more than $200. value. {Starter kits may vary.}

  • 80+ scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochure

So, even if you don’t ‘work’ your business, you already received a huge value!

2) No auto-ship requirements or personal monthly purchase quotas to stay active. Basically, you don’t need to buy a stock of products to be successful. In fact, keeping it simple and just bringing what comes in your Start-up Kit to your Parties can be even better!

3) While you do need to sell $150 in a single month during any 3 month period…anyone working their business very part-time can meet this goal.

4) Monthly website fee of $10 a month(US) – only if you want a site! There are many consultants who choose to not have a Scentsy website. You don’t need one to have parties however, no one can buy from you online when you do have parties and you cannot Recruit or build a team without a website as this is the only way anyone can Join! You can enter in all of your party orders via your back office workstation which is free. I think that $10 a month is a very worthwhile fee to pay.

5) Its just candles! I mean, who doesn’t know what candles are? Who wants to take a vitamin supplement from someone they just met? How about adult toys, how do you approach someone about that? Special drinks, jewelry, kitchenware, etc. Everyone has a candle! Everyone knows what a candle is! No one will turn down taking a free sample of our Scented Candles! You can show everyone in the entire family Scentsy – Men, Women and Children. Granted, we have many products that are ‘Scent’ or ‘Fragrance’ related but the core of our company is Wax and Warmers.

6) It’s Safe. No flames! Also, have you ever wondered – where does the wax go? With traditional candles the wax evaporates – as does the scent. Where does it all go? Into the air we breathe! With Scentsy, only the scent evaporates…not the wax, so we aren’t breathing in toxic chemicals!!!

Contact me & sign today, I mean you spend the $99 US / $119. Canada  / $139. Australia doing anything else, why not invest in a business & your future?

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How do you Make Money with Scentsy?

Lots of ways! You can pick what parts of the business you like, are good at, how much time you want to spend on your business, etc. We make our money from organic marketing online which drives customers to our website to Buy Scentsy and to Join. I send out Basket Parties to customers and others wanting to get some free and discounted products. We build and train a team of consultants! Truly, this is where most of our money is made.

Some Consultants like doing Fairs and Shows (4% of all Scentsy business). We’ve done Bazaars and Girls Night Out (GNO’s) at people’s homes with multiple vendors which is a fun way to network while selling your on hand products. Doing Fairs and Shows can cost more initially because you usually need to ‘show or sell’ a lot more product on hand.

I like doing Scentsy Fundraisers. While you give your commissions away for a good cause, you do get to give back (which I love) and you can use the Hostess Rewards for the Fundraiser participants or keep them for yourself to gain a stock that you can sell, lend out or use for your personal use.

Of course, you can party until the cows come home but if you recruit, you are going to make small overrides off of what each of your downline sells. Think like a Real Estate Broker. They could just sell houses themselves and make a large commission on each home or… bring on a bunch of Realtors, have them work and sell homes and then take your small cut from each of their sales. This adds up to way more money in the Brokers pocket and…they have more time to do whatever they want to do. They can always sell homes themselves too…they’d be stupid not to, but growing a team under them is how to build Wealth!

*Remember, any business has general business expenses so please make sure to set aside a % of your Commissions each month to put back into your business for supplies, marketing, etc.

Return on Investment

Just having one average party of $400-600 will pay you back the cost of joining Scentsy in commissions – Really! Most people make money hosting Scentsy Parties. This is where 90% of all Scentsy business comes from. Party, Party, Party! If you are going to bother joining Scentsy then you need to have at least one party – your Grand Opening party that is! Our goal is to always have our consultants make their initial investment back right away.

Also, take into consideration how much money you and your friends spend on Candles each year. You can save a ton of money just by Joining Scentsy. You can use a single warmer for the entire year (and much longer) and just scrape out wax from each of your 80+ Party Tester jars.

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