$300 FREE Scentsy

Have you ever thought about joining Scentsy? Starting your own business and taking over the world?! Yeah, I didn’t either. I can still remember the day I decided to join, one of the BEST decisions of my life! So when I say, do you want to join Scentsy and you earn up to $300 in product FREE, trust me, it is a good one!!!


Join Scentsy in the month of August and hit your shooting star goal and you can earn the shooting star kit for FREE! Yes! that is $300 worth of product, for your business, for nothing! And there a million other reasons why it is absolutely the best time to join our team!

$300 Free Scentsy


We are currently available in 11 Countries: USA, Austria, Australia, Canada, France,Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom

USA‬ $99, Canada‬ $119 CAN, UK‬ £85, Germany‬, Spain‬, France‬, Austria‬, Ireland‬ € 99, Australia‬$139 AUD ‪ and  NewZealand‬ $169NZD

Get FREE‬ items in your kit and even more FREE Scentsy‬ when you sell 500PRV {points of retail} in your first 15 days! Join me today

Let me share a few with you:

  • Best selling season of the year
  • 10% off month
  • Enhanced kit month
  • Incentive trip period

Did I mention to you that this is absolutely the best time EVER?! With opportunities to start a business with a GREAT start up kit including the Spring and Summer catalogs and testers and also the Fall and Winter catalogs and testers you will hit the ground running!

This is absolutely the BEST 6 months of the selling season AND Scentsy lines it up perfectly to go along with our fall incentive period. This year you will have the opportunity to earn a trip to Punta Cana or an African Safari!!! This is the opportunity of a life time and with so many reasons why you SHOULD join, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to!

Want to know how?!  Just click on the button below, sign up and we will journey with you! Have questions?! Just send me an email me at WicklessinGreenBay@gmail.com or connect with me on facebook. {I am always there} and I would love to answer them!




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