Scentsy® NEW Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog

Scentsy NEW Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog

Welcome our NEW Scentsy Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog! I’m so excited our Fall/Winter Season with Scentsy!!!

Our new ReImagine Scentsy flip catalog for Fall/Winter 2015 is by far my favorite, EVER! {ReImagine Scentsy & ReImagine Fragrance}

In addition to our NEW Scentsy Warmers,  Fall/Winter & Holiday fragrances, we also a Brand NEW line of Scentsy Categories including: Scentsy Home, Scentsy Scent, Scentsy Skin, Scentsy Kids, Scentsy Clean, Scentsy Groom, and Scentsy Laundry.Scentsy Catagories

If you haven’t tried Our Scentsy product or have not used our products in a while, now is the time to check out our new Scentsy Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog.


Scentsy NEW Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog


Our new Reimagine Scentsy flip catalog fall 2015 is my favorite! I’m so excited to have 2 sides. The Reimagine Scentsy side shows off our Warmers, NEW Diffusers, New Scentsy Buddies, NEW Scentsy Kids, and our NEW Super Cute, Autism Speaks® Scentsy Buddy, Bernie the Butterfly.

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The Reimagine Fragrance side of our new Scentsy flip catalog Fall 2015 includes all Scentsy fragrance products including our NEW Scentsy Essential Oils, Fragrance Bars, Scentsy Groom, Scentsy Skin, Scentsy Clean, and Scentsy Laundry products that make mundane tasks fun.

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I hope you enjoy our Scentsy NEW Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog as much as I do!!!

Scentsy Catagories

🌿Scentsy Home: Beautiful and functional decorative vessels that deliver an exceptional fragrance experience:

  • Warmers
  • Nightlight Warmers
  • NEW Scentsy Diffuser

🌿Scentsy Scent: Home and portable fragrances:

  • Fragrance Bars
  • Scents Circles
  • Room Sprays
  • Travel Tins
  • Scent Paks
  • NEW Car Bars
  • NEW 100% Natural Oils
  • NEW Essential Oils
  • NEW Essential Oil Blends

🌿 Scentsy Groom: Five exclusive Groom fragrances are available for our NEW men’s grooming products:

  • NEW Creme Shave Soap
  • NEW Refreshing Face Balm
  • NEW Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar

🌿 Scentsy Skin: Five exclusive Skin fragrances are available for our NEW luxurious women’s body care products:

  • NEW Whipped Body Souffle’
  • NEW Velvet Hand Creme
  • NEW Fine Fragrance Roller

🌿 Scentsy Kids: Fun, Fragrant and imaginative products for children:

  • Scentsy Buddies
  • NEW Bath Smoothie hair & body wash
  • NEW Scrubby Buddies
  • NEW Buddy Clips
  • NEW Kid-approved” warmers
  • NEW  Four exclusive kid-friendly fragrances

🌿 Scentsy Clean: Effective home cleaning products with amazing Scentsy fragrance:

  • Hand Soap
  • NEW Kitchen Soap
  • NEWCounter Clean

🌿 Scentsy Laundry: Innovative laundry products with exceptional, long-lasting Scentsy fragrance:

  • Laundry Liquid
  • Dryer Discs
  • Washer Whiffs
  • NEW Clothing Conditioner

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