Scentsy® Consultants in the United States by State

 “How many Scentsy Consultants are there in your state?”

There are people that have considered Joining Scentsy, however need reassurance that we are NOT saturated.

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Let’s break it down in numbers by using one of the states listed on the chart below. Let’s do Texas, as Texas has the most number of consultants.

  • The total population of Texas based on the US Census for 2014 is 26,956,958 million people.
  • The total number of active consultants in Texas {as of March 2015} 13,866.

What does this mean? This means that if we were to give each consultant an equal amount of the population, each consultant would have the potential to have 2,160 customers and/or recruits. I know you may be thinking well children don’t buy Scentsy. So lets just half that; leaving 1,080 potential customers and/or recruits in just Texas alone!! {most consultants have an average of 10-500 customers} Not all consultants are 100% engaged in their business. This does not mean they don’t work their business like I work my business {full-time}. They may work their business part-time or as a hobby. One of the many benefits of Scentsy – Own Your Own Business on Your terms.

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 You can build your Scentsy business locally or Internationally!!!


State # of Consultants State # of Consultants
Alabama 1,276 Mississippi 888
Alaska 363 Missouri 2913
Arizona 1320 Montana 759
Arkansas 1235 Nebraska 1349
Armed Forces 128 Nevada 997
{EU/CA/MDL/AFR} New Hampshire 229
Armed Forces 146 New Jersey 761
{PAFICIF} New Mexico 826
California 5693 New York 1479
Colorado 1559 North Carolina 2318
Connecticut 240 North Dakota 667
Delaware 183 Ohio 4706
Distict of Columbia 38 Oklahoma 3221
Florida 3098 Oregon 1813
Georgia 1288 Pennsylvania 2969
Guam 110 Puerto Rico 222
Hawaii 233 Rhode Island 91
Idaho 1437 South Carolina 708
Illinois 3382 South Dakota 481
Indiana 2502 Tennessee 1384
Iowa 2542 Texas 13866
Kansas 1818 Utah 1512
Kentucky 1282 Vermont 50
Louisiana 1473 Virginia 2487
Maine 780 Washington 2417
Maryland 1468 West Virginia 912
Massachusetts 379 Wisconsin 1995
Michigan 2099 Wyoming 447
Minnesota 1700 TOTAL: 90239   {March 2015}


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