Scentsy Kid Friendly Diffusers | Spring 2016

JUST for KIDS!!! Scentsy Diffusers & Oils

Scentsy - Kid Friendly Diffuser

Dazzle them with a magical, multi-sensory experience. Kids will love creating playful scenes on their very own diffuser with colorful magnets. Move the magnets to create a New story everyday!

NEW! Deep Blue Sea Diffuser: LED $130 {includes 6 magnets}* 8.5″ tall

NEW! Once Upon a Time Diffuser: LED $130 {includes 5 magnets}* 8.5″ tall

NEW 100% Natural Oils in kid-friendly scents are perfect on their own, or mix them with other Scentsy Oils to create your own fairy-tale blend.

NEW! JUICY PEAR: This bright and boisterous blend of sweet pear, crisp greens and refreshing cucumber will encourage a cheerful, mood-enhancing environment. Not to mention plenty of approving smiles! 15 mL, $10

NEW! SWEET MELON: Green melon, dewy pear, orange and a hint of vanilla perfectly capture the energy and elation that make childhood so sweet. 15 mL, $10

Our diffusers offer the most personalized fragrance experience yet.

1. Add water and your favorite Scentsy Oil to the diffuser reservoir.

2. Choose your light and mist options.

3. Enjoy your perfect, all-natural fragrance.

Available March 1st, 2016

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KIDS Diffuser FAQ’s:

How many magnets does each Kids Diffuser include? Deep Blue Sea comes with six magnets, while Once Upon a Time includes five.

Are the Kids Diffusers the same size as the regular Scentsy Diffusers? Yes. Like all Scentsy Diffusers, the Kids Diffusers measure 8.5” tall.

May I purchase the magnets separately? No. The magnets can be replaced if one or more is defective or broken, but they cannot be purchased on their own.

Are magnets covered under the warranty if they break? Yes, the magnets can be replaced if they break or are defective.

What are the magnet coverings made of? Plastic.

Will using my own magnet void the diffuser warranty? Yes. The included magnets are designed specifically for use with the Kids Diffusers, so applying any other magnets will void the warranty.

Are other magnets available? No. The only magnets available are those included with the Kids Diffusers.

Will the magnets get hot? No. Like all Scentsy Diffusers, the Kids Diffusers use cold-mist technology to disperse fragrance and contain no heating element.

What are the Kids Diffusers made of? The Kids Diffusers are constructed of powder-coated mild steel sheet metal so the magnets will adhere.

Do the Kids Diffusers operate the same as other Scentsy Diffusers? Yes, the Kids Diffusers use the same cold-mist technology as our regular Scentsy Diffusers.

May I use other company’s oils with the Kids Diffusers? Yes. Though Scentsy Oils have been specifically formulated for an optimal fragrance experience, using other companies’ oils will not harm the Scentsy Diffuser or void the warranty.

Will the magnets damage the finish with constant play? The surface of the diffuser is extremely durable and will not easily scratch. However, it may eventually show minimal discoloration over time as the magnets are regularly readjusted.

Does the Kids Diffuser warranty address child-specific concerns/issues? Yes. The warranty included with the Kids Diffuser is drafted specifically to address concerns/issues that accompany a children’s product.

Is there a caution message available for the magnets? Yes, a caution message is printed on the bag in which the magnets are packaged.

Can my child play with the diffuser when it’s on? No. Children should not play with the magnets while the diffuser is running. When the diffuser is on, keep it out of reach of children and only allow them to play while supervised and when the diffuser shade is separated from base.

KIDS Oils FAQ’s:

Are the Kids Oils crafted of essential oils? No, they are made of 100% Natural Oils.

Are Kids Oils safe for topical use {use on the skin}? No. As with all Scentsy Oils, our Kids Oils are intended for fragrance purposes only

*Eligible for Host Rewards. Requires two half-price items to save 50 percent. Not available for Perpetual Party Rewards. U.S. patent pending.

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